Who are you?

Football Supporters Association Australia (FSAA) is an officially established, member-based football supporters association. It is an independent, volunteer-driven collective of football supporters from around Australia.

The FSAA was formed in early 2023, following initial discussions about the feasibility of creating a democratically-elected committee to lead a football supporters association. A working group was established to begin the process of creating the association, and it has since been fully accredited.

As a member-based organisation, the FSAA aims to represent the interests of football supporters across Australia, providing a platform for them to voice their opinions, concerns, and ideas.

The association is committed to promoting a positive and inclusive football culture in Australia, and to working with football administrators, clubs, and other stakeholders to improve the game and the experiences of supporters.

Details on the FSAA committee can be found here: www.fsaaus.com/about/committee/

Who elected you?

The establishment of the committee was done through a number of ways.
Firstly, initial calls were made online for anyone that was interested in assisting in the creation of the association. Several people jumped at the opportunity to be part of the journey from there.
In February 2023, we held EOIs to join the interim working group, with all interested persons being invited to information and collaboration sessions. The people that were still interested formed the working group which ultimately led to the formation of the inaugural committee.

At the AGM, all positions will be declared vacant, providing members with the opportunity to nominate to those positions, should they wish to do so, followed by an election. More information will be released to members prior to the AGM.

How are you set up?

Football Supporters Association Australia is an incorporated association under NSW Fair Trading. Our certificate of incorporation can be viewed here.

How will members have a say?

We plan on being extremely member inclusive. Ways that we will implement this include:
– Member town halls held through zoom
– Exclusive Facebook group for members to voice their issues and participate in polls
– By completing the member contact form found here: www.fsaaus.com/contact-us/

How much is membership?

Membership is absolutely free!

However, if you are interested in donating to help cover the costs of running the association, including administrative fees, paying for the website, lodging association documents, as well as funding future campaigns, we will have the facilities set up for that shortly.

What are some of the issues that FSAA will be advocating for?

For more information on the issues we will be advocating for please see here: www.fsaaus.com/objectives/
For more information on current and past campaigns, please see here: www.fsaaus.com/campaigns/

How are you different to the new Fan Representative Groups (FRGs) being set up by A League clubs?

The FSAA welcomes greater fan representation and hopes the FRGs deliver what is promised and more. While we will look to work with the FRGs, there are some key differences between us and them. Some of the key differences, in summary, are:

1. The FSAA committee is a group of FSAA members elected by other members and it is open for any member to nominate for a position on the committee. The FRGs are selected by their respective clubs, with each club determining its own process for selection.

2. The FRGs are specific to their respective A Leagues clubs. The FSAA represents supporters of all clubs and football supporters beyond just the A Leagues. The APL has also acknowledged this distinction.

3. The FSAA is entirely independent, democratic and transparent. These values are enshrined in our Constitution.

4. In addition to consultation, the FSAA provides support, services and advocates for its members. While greater fan consultation is a key and important focus and priority of the FSAA, the FSAA has many more objectives. For more information, please head to www.fsaaus.com/about/objectives/

How do I sign up?

Head over to www.fsaaus.com/join/ and complete the form!