About FSAA

Football Supporters Association Australia (FSAA) is an officially established, member-based football supporters association. It is an independent, volunteer-driven collective of football supporters from around Australia.

The FSAA was formed in early 2023, following initial discussions about the feasibility of creating a democratically-elected committee to lead a football supporters association. A working group was established to begin the process of creating the association, and it has since been fully accredited.

As a member-based organisation, the FSAA aims to represent the interests of football supporters across Australia, providing a platform for them to voice their opinions, concerns, and ideas.

The association is committed to promoting a positive and inclusive football culture in Australia, and to working with football administrators, clubs, and other stakeholders to improve the game and the experiences of supporters.

For more information on the FSAA’s objectives: https://fsaaus.com/about/objectives/

Details on the FSAA committee can be found here: www.fsaaus.com/about/committee/

Our Vision and Values can her found here: https://fsaaus.com/about/vision-and-values/

Our documents including our Constitution and Members Code of Conduct: https://fsaaus.com/about/forms-and-documents/